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Modern and Medieval Languages

A 4 year course, with a year abroad, allowing you to study language & literature, new & old.


General Information

These links πŸ”— are good places to help for Modern and Medieval Languages (recommended by current students). It is not necessary to look at them all so to help, we've explained why we think each resource is useful so you can decide if it's applicable for you. We've put a ⭐ next to links we think are particularly helpful.

Overview πŸ”— 🌟 A good overview of the Cambridge course structure and typical entry requirements.

Year 1 πŸ”— Year 2 πŸ”— Year 3 πŸ”— Year 4 πŸ”—
These links should give you an idea of what you can study in each year of your degree.

Best preparation before application

Vocabulary books πŸ”— There is a range of vocabulary books in different languages that are very useful- the ones that I know of are in French, Italian, Spanish and German and are called Mot Γ  Mot, Parola per Parola, Palabra por Palabra and Wort fΓΌr Wort respectively. This links to the official seller, but cheaper versions/pdfs can usually be found online or on amazon/ebay.

The New Penguin Parallel Texts Series πŸ”— 🌟 These are collections of short stories by literary authors (ie. at a challenging language level) with side by side English translations. I found these particularly useful for beginning a new language as a way of building vocabulary and fluency quickly.

WordReference πŸ”— Teachers may tell you not to use it, but still very useful as a dictionary!

Reverso πŸ”— Really good for translating idiomatic phrases.

Quizlet πŸ”— Great way to test your vocab.

Italian: Soluzioni (grammar workbook) is used in 1st year, and is very useful, but can be a bit pricey - there are plenty of free resources listed below.

Repubblica πŸ”—Corriere πŸ”—FreedaMedia πŸ”— 🌟 Blogs & news sites for Italian - great way to immerse yourself in real language use.

News Online πŸ”— Website with links to various online news channels in Italian - these can be quite hard to watch at first but useful with subtitles for improving listening skills.

Monolingual dictionary πŸ”— Useful Italian dictionary.

Spanish: These books are both useful 'A Spanish Learning Grammar' & 'A New Reference Grammar of Modern Spanish' (although this doesn't include exercises)

Spanish News πŸ”—Alternative Spanish News πŸ”— The opinion section of the first link is particularly useful!

Monolingual Dictionary πŸ”— Useful Spanish dictionary

Colby Education πŸ”— 🌟 Good for grammar exercises in Spanish.

Conjuguemos πŸ”— Verb practice in Spanish!

Short Stories πŸ”— 🌟 Great for vocab practice.

Russian books: A Comprehensive Russian Grammar by Terrence Wade; Colloquial Russian by Svetlana le Fleming and Susan Kay

Dictionary πŸ”— Useful German dictionary

Application and Interviews


Faculty admissions advice πŸ”— 🌟 Advice from the faculty page on how to approach the Cambridge admissions test.


Read interviews about Modern and Medieval Languages.



Official College Websites


Image credit: Gonville and Caius by Akil Hashmi