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A broad course that develops criticism and reasoning skills.


General Information

These links πŸ”— are good places to help for Philosophy (recommended by current students). It is not necessary to look at them all so to help, we've explained why we think each resource is useful so you can decide if it's applicable for you. We've put a ⭐ next to links we think are particularly helpful.

Overview πŸ”— This is the Philosophy section of the University undergraduate prospectus. The most important information about the course is here, including entry requirements, course structure, and prerequisites.

Course Content πŸ”— This is the official Faculty webpage for prospective undergraduates, with links to various resources. The most important of them is the Faculty of Philosophy undergrad prospectus πŸ”— 🌟, which gives a general overview of what studying Philosophy at Cambridge is like.

Best preparation before application

Unofficial Prospectus πŸ”— This is an unofficial prospectus put together by the Cambridge University Student Union; it’s written based on students’ perspectives and gives a better sense of what the day-to-day experience as a Philosophy student compared to official materials.

Reading Lists πŸ”— These are the reading lists for the papers that first-years take. Don’t be intimidated by how long they are; they’re intended to be worked through over the course of a full academic year, and honestly no one reads everything anyway.

Partially Examined Life πŸ”—, Hi-Phi Nation πŸ”— and BBC Radio 4’s In Our Time πŸ”— These podcasts are all accessible places to start.

PhilosophyTube πŸ”— Video resource for a fun way to learn about philosophy.

The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy πŸ”— 🌟 is perhaps the best place to start seriously engaging with any philosophical idea. The entries are all written and peer-reviewed by professional philosophers, and are routinely cited by other academics. Each entry gives a broad overview of whatever it focuses on, and a good way to go further into a particular debate is by looking up the sources mentioned in an article.

Faculty Introductory Reading List πŸ”— 🌟 Great place to start for what to read!

Application and Interviews


FAQ πŸ”— 🌟 Some useful answers to common questions about the application process.

Specimen 1 πŸ”—
Specimen 2 πŸ”—Answer Key πŸ”— Have a look at the philosophy admissions test.


Read interviews about Philosophy.



Official College Websites


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