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Psychological and Behavioural Sciences

A broad degree that covers all aspects of psychology.


General Information

These links 🔗 are good places to help for Psychological and Behavioural Sciences (recommended by current students). It is not necessary to look at them all so to help, we've explained why we think each resource is useful so you can decide if it's applicable for you. We've put a ⭐ next to links we think are particularly helpful.

Overview 🔗 🌟 A good overview of the Cambridge course structure, sample papers for the admissions assessment and typical entry requirements.

Course Content 🔗 To find out more about what you’d be studying if you studied PBS here, these pages give an overview of current courses with introductions and reading guides for different papers.

Video Link 🔗 Info on the course in video form.

Best preparation before application

British Psychological Society 🔗 🌟 An excellent resource for reading about recent findings in psychology, finding out about events and even potential jobs. In order to be eligible to pursue psychology in clinical settings and otherwise, you must undertake a BPS accredited degree; PBS is accredited. They also have mobile apps 🔗 so you can stay updated on the latest findings in psychology!

HE+ Subject Guide 🔗 Really useful resource for finding out more about the subject.

Recommended Listening 🔗 Find out about psychology while you cook, exercise or relax!

Recommended reading: Thinking Fast and Slow; Nature via Nurture; Blink

Application and Interviews


Transferable Skills 🔗 Find out about some of the skills you'll get from a psychology degree!


Read interviews about Psychological and Behavioural Sciences.



Official College Websites


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