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Veterinary Medicine

A 6 year course providing both a scientific & clinical basis to veterinary medicine.


General Information

These links 🔗 are good places to help for Veterinary Medicine (recommended by current students). It is not necessary to look at them all so to help, we've explained why we think each resource is useful so you can decide if it's applicable for you. We've put a ⭐ next to links we think are particularly helpful.

This is a 6 year course, with 3 years classed as pre-clinical, followed by 3 clinical years. In the first two years, you cover modules in biochemistry, physiology and anatomy, and the third year is a compulsory intercalated year, in which you have the opportunity to take a step back from the veterinary degree and explore another area of interest, with choices in the biological sciences such as zoology, physiology and neuroscience to name a few, or you can use the year as an opportunity to try something new, such as engineering, law or business studies. This is a key feature of the course at Cambridge, and means you will be able to graduate after three years with a BA in the course of your choice, as well as after six years with the VetMB qualification.

Overview 🔗 🌟 A good overview of the Cambridge course structure and typical entry requirements.

Course Content 🔗 To find out more about what you’d be studying if you studied Veterinary Medicine here, these pages give an overview of current courses with introductions and reading guides for different papers.

Best preparation before application

Vetcam 🔗 Residential programme and open days at the Vet School. The VetCam residential takes place in the Spring, and it is a useful opportunity to see the vet school, learn more about the course and to generally get a feel for if Cambridge is the right place for you!

Bristol VetQuest 🔗 A one-day event which allows the opportunity to see the clinical Langford campus at Bristol and explore life as a vet student there. It is aimed at year 11 and year 12 students but anyone is welcome to attend, and is usually held in March.

VetMed Link Conference 🔗 Interesting event if you're able to attend as an intro to vetmed.

General information 🔗 🌟 Introduction vet life at Cambridge

Application and Interviews


FAQs 🔗 🌟 Have a look at some commonly asked questions, answered by the vet school.


Read interviews about Veterinary Medicine.



Official College Websites


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