Cambridge Support Resources

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Useful links and resources for all subjects - many are free and directly from the university.

General Resources

Learning About Cambridge

These links πŸ”— are good places to start learning about Cambridge (recommended by current students). Make sure to check out our favourite ⭐ links too.

Official Website πŸ”—β­ - The official university page for undergraduate studies at Cambridge. From here you can access subject, college and application advice pages.

Alternative Prospectus πŸ”— - A guide written by the official CUSU (Cambridge Uni Students Union). It contains interesting points if not a little out of date.

The Student Room Summary (TSR) πŸ”— - Probably the best unofficial student-written guide out there that summarises colleges and subjects. Good for getting to grips with what's what in the university and has comprehensive information on most aspects of university life.

Cambridge Slang Guide πŸ”— - College, pidge, plodge, fellow, pool. What? This detailed guide takes you through the Cambridge slang. Written by TSR.

Cambridge Map πŸ”— - Get your head around the city's layout and the location of all the colleges / departments. Provided by CUSU.​

Memebridge πŸ”— - Cambridge described in the form of visual poetry (memes).

Get ready: interview preparation

Take a look at the website's 'Interview Insights' section. These contain subject specific interview advice directly from current students.

Official Cambridge Advice πŸ”— -

Official Interview Video πŸ”— - For anyone nervous about interviews, this video will debunk the myths and give you an insight to the 'real intention' of interviews. It glosses over how intense your interviews can feel but it's an honest video.​

Winter Pool Information πŸ”— - The official university information for 2018 about the pool interviews and deadlines. Useful information if you have to go through a second interview in the new year.

Stats for nerds

Official Application Statistics πŸ”— - For anyone data orientated, the university publish the admission stats for colleges and subjects. It also explains if it's worth 'playing the admissions stats' when choosing a college.

Cambridge Access (Free)

Access Schemes

Cambridge Access is about supporting students who apply to Cambridge from under-supported backgrounds. There is a lot free support out there so we want to help you find it.

CUSU Shadowing Scheme πŸ”— - The students union offer potential applications the chance to spend a few days with current students in January. Applications open in August, the scheme is targeted at students from state schools.

Target Schools πŸ”— - If you want a Cambridge student to come and speak to your school, your teacher can request one through this Cambridge initiative. It's good to meet students in person because it's the best time to grill them on their thoughts about Cambridge.

Project Access πŸ”— - Project Access is an organisation not affiliated with the university that offers free support to applicants from certain backgrounds (comprehensive schools, low income families, working class, first generation to attend university, BME students). They offer a tailored mentoring system where Cambridge students guide you through the application process.

Diversity Groups - BME, International Students and Women in STEM

BME (Black and Ethnic Minorities)

BME stands for 'Black and Minority Ethnic' and is part of a broader university push to encourage diversity within Cambridge. The university has an active student BME community and they have some great initiatives.

If you're a BME student and want to talk to students from a similar background, definitely reach out to one of these societies.

FLY Guide to Cambridge πŸ”— - FLY is an active student support for group women and non-binary people of colour in Cambridge. This guide is targeted at incoming freshers but offers insight into the university's BME network.

CUSU BME Campaign - While their main website is sparse, the BME Campaign are active on Facebook πŸ”—.

College BME Open Days - Individual colleges are beginning to organise BME open days. This is a new progression so we will update this list with Open Days we are aware of: Kings' πŸ”—.

ISOC (Islamic Society of Cambridge) Mentoring Scheme πŸ”— - A scheme to mentor muslim students who are going to make an application to Oxbridge. They aim to match you up with a muslim student at that university studying your course.

Target Oxbridge


[In this section we will add contact details for college BME officers]

International Students

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