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This is a student-led project to make the Cambridge application more transparent for everyone.

Check out interview insights first

The site is still being developed - first we are focusing on completing our 'Interview Insights' section. This will be a database of 700 students' application advice: how they prepared; what happened; what they wished they had known.

We're making three sections of application advice.

Application Resources

This section is still under development.

Here you can find scholarships, university outreach programmes and resources and other free mentorship schemes.

We'll also explain how the uni and colleges work.

Subject Guides

This section is still under development.

These are our subject-specific guides where we share useful application resources.

We will also link to resources to help you understand more about Cambridge and it's colleges.

Interview Database

This is our crowdsourced database of students' interview experiences.

Hear directly from current students: what happened; how they prepared; What they wish they had known.

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