A wide-ranging course covering core, pure and applied economics

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General Information

Overview [Link]. A good overview of the course structure and entry requirements.

Course content [Link]. For a better idea of what you would be studying if you got in, check out these useful overviews (including key readings) for different papers.

Course detail [Link]. A good guide on course content/structure, and the way the course is taught at Cambridge.

Best preparation before application

HE Plus [Link]. Some useful content including suggested reading and some exercises (with solutions) created by the Cambridge Admissions Office.

Official reading list [Link]. It could be useful to pick some readings from this list created by the Economics Faculty, and split into key areas from quantitative methods to economic history.

NRICH ‘Maths for Economists’ [Link]. A good selection of maths-based economics problems with worked solutions.

‘How to Solve It’ book [Link]. A useful book on the maths side of economics. Lots of it is available free on Google Books.

There are also very useful free experiences outside of what you can do at school or at home (although you’ll have to travel to get there). There’s absolutely no need to pay for the expensive courses often advertised online.

Economics Masterclass days [Link]. A fantastic and free way to experience sample lectures and put your questions directly to Cambridge staff.

Open days [Link]. These are a great chance not only to go the department and speak to current staff and students, but also to look round colleges and see which ones you like the look of. It’d be a good idea to have shortlist of colleges you would like to visit before you go, because there is a lot to see in one day!

Sutton Trust Summer School [Link]. A great residential course for state school students. Would be a perfect way to experience what studying at Cambridge is really like in a pretty fun and relaxed course.

Application and Interviews


Official overview [Link]. A useful page on the University’s main website on the application process and other good information including lots of detail on grade and subject requirements.

Faculty Advice [Link]. A useful set of answers to FAQs including expected GCSE and A-Level grades and more details on the specifics of the application process.


Read interviews about Economics

Sample maths and analysis questions [Link]. These questions have been provided by the Director of Studies at King’s College as representative of the type of material you would be asked about if you were invited to an interview at King’s. Definitely worth practicing some of these!

Interview experience video [Link]. YouTube video made by a successful applicant on his application experience. Remember - all interviews will be different!


Official College Websites