A broad course that trains students across all the main engineering disciplines.​

⚠️ This page is not complete yet. For full guidance refer to official university resources.


General Information

This page is about useful resources for applying to engineering at Cambridge. It is a collection of helpful links.

CUED Advice [link] - The official Cambridge University Engineering Department (CUED) advice for entry. It’s a comprehensive guide and a good place to start. It outlines the course structure and entry requirements.

Best preparation before application

With the removal of A-Levels, the Cambridge engineering application process appears to have changed slightly. The links below are pre-2017 so while they will still be highly relevant, make sure to inform yourself further about this year's application process on the CUED website.

Application and Interviews



Read interviews about Engineering

This section contains some engineering specific links however it’s also worth looking at our main ‘Cambridge’ page for general interview advice resources.

Iwanttostudyengineering and Isaac Physics will be useful preparation for any college. The more specific links will be more applicable to some colleges than the others – look at the links below to get an idea what your college will emphasise in the interview.

Iwanttostudyengineering [link] – This site is an absolute saviour. Practice interview-style questions assembled by the Cambridge Engineering department. Possibly one of the most useful resources out there for interview practice.

Isaac Physics [link] - None of our editors used this site but it has been recommended in The Student Room threads and by some colleges. It is another site created by Cambridge physics staff.

Quora Answers [link] – Not essential reading but a nice personal take on engineering / science interviews. Matthew Huxtable’s answer sounds fairly typically. Interview formats / focuses differ between colleges though so look at the college links below.

Interview Questions: Engineering [link] Physics [link] These links cover some previous interview questions. Some sound a bit ‘fluffy’ (e.g. the differences between Engineering and Physics) but the approximation questions are worth thinking about. These type of questions are open ended and it’s about the thought process not getting the ‘right’ answer.


Official College Websites

Each college has its own interview format so it’s worth looking at the page of the college you want to apply to. Some college information pages are detailed and included practice resources (e.g. previous tests) while others don’t have much information. It’s worth looking through pages of some colleges (specifically Kings’ and Christs) even if you aren’t applying there because they have useful general information.

Christ’s [link] – Good amount of detail. Outlines the course, fellows, admissions expectation and the interview format. Also has some useful links to free, online maths practice.

Churchill [link] – Outlines the course, the college’s engineering history and department requirements. Little information given about the interview process.

Clare [link] – A tiny bit of information about the course, fellows, and interview format.

Corpus [link] – Not much information. The page mentions fellows but not much about interview procedure.

Downing [link] – Brief explanation about the college, the engineering directors of studies, and the interview process. The main Downing ‘Preparing for you Interview’ page is useful.

Emmanuel [link] – A short description of the course and bit about what Emma expects from applicants. It also outlines the Emma interview format.

Fitzwilliam [link] – A comprehensive guide about the college, interview expectations, and the fellows.

Girton [link] – Covers the fellows, interest and career paths of previous students, and interview requirements.

Gonville and Caius [link] – Predominately a course overview but also has a section dedicated to fellows and the admissions information.

Homerton [link] – Not that much information but briefly lists fellows and application requirements.

Jesus [link] – Contains application information, description of the fellows and one student perspective.

Kings’ [link] – One of the more detailed pages containing student perspectives, information about the fellows and requirement information (good!).

Magdalene [link] – A detailed section about engineering at Magdalene, the fellows, the admissions process and one student perspective.

Murray Edwards [link] – Has a general course overview, explains a little about the college and it’s fellows.

Newnham [link] – Covers the college’s fellows, teaching format and interview expectations. The rest of the information is more general and about the course structure.

Pembroke [link] – Offers a overview of the engineering lifestyle, a general description of the interview and lists the college fellows.

Peterhouse [link] – A small section about the course, the college and a detailed description of the interview format and expectations.

Queens’ [link] – One of the longer college pages. Explains engineering at Queens’, the fellows, interview format and how to deal with a gap year.

Robinson [link] – Outlines fellows, requirements and outlines the interview process. Not that much information.

St Catharine’s [link] – Fairly generic information about the course, requirements (further details are sent in advance of an interview) and a list of the fellows.

St John’s [link] – Overviews the course, the fellows and then some brief information on the interview process.

Selwyn [link] – A one-page PDF document (2017) that lists the fellows, interview format and advice about gap years. The rest of the information is generic.

Sidney Sussex [link] – Describes the college fellows but the rest of the page is pretty generic. It goes through the requirements but only has a few lines about the interview.

Trinity [link] – Contains basic information about the fellows, admission standards and a sample maths test.

Trinity Hall [link] – Pretty generic information. It has descriptions about the fellows but no advice about interviews.