A broad course covering political, economic, cultural, social and intellectual history

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General Information

Overview [Link]. A good overview of the course structure and entry requirements.

Course content [Link]. To find out more about what you’d be studying if you applied and got in, these pages give an overview of current courses with introductions and reading guides for the different papers.

Best preparation before application

General reading [Link]. Some useful advice and ideas on what to read to find out more about History as a university subject.

General online resources [Link]. A useful collection of links put together by the History Faculty to external websites that might be useful to take a look at.

Virtual Classroom [Link]. This is an extremely useful resource created by the Faculty at Cambridge which gives an introduction to source work and includes exercises aimed to improve your ability to respond to primary and secondary sources. Definitely worth a look, especially as sources are very likely to come up in interviews.

Online lectures [Link]. Some sample lectures which would be useful to watch if you are interested in the topics they cover.

The Historical Association podcasts [Link]. A really useful series of short 15/20 podcasts where historians explain important topics from the Ancient, Medieval, Early Modern and Modern periods.

HE Plus [Link]. A brilliant website created by the Cambridge Admissions Office with wonderful reading, resources, exercises and answer sheets on a wide variety of topics from racism in the USA, world wars, the slave trade and medieval literature, among many others. Definitely worth looking through - there’s something for everyone.

‘CrashCourse’ YouTube channel [Link]. Some short introductory videos to a wide variety of different Historical events and eras.

There are also very useful free experiences outside of what you can do at school or at home (although you’ll have to travel to get there). There’s absolutely no need to pay for the expensive courses often advertised online.

History Masterclass days [Link]. A fantastic and free way to experience sample lectures and put your questions directly to Cambridge staff.

Open days [Link]. These are a great chance not only to go the department and speak to current staff and students, but also to look round colleges and see which ones you like the look of. It’d be a good idea to have shortlist of colleges you would like to visit before you go, because there is a lot to see in one day!

Sutton Trust Summer School [Link]. A great residential course for state school students. Would be a perfect way to experience what studying at Cambridge is really like in a pretty fun and relaxed course.

Application and Interviews


Common questions [Link]. This page has some really useful answers to common questions, including on personal statements, submitted work and what they are looking for in History applicants.

Unifrog advice [Link]. Some useful general advice from Unifrog on how to write a good Cambridge personal statement.


Read interviews about History

Mock interview video [Link]. The official History Faculty video is useful and has some helpful advice written out, too.

General interview advice video [Link]. Not specifically about History interviews, but a useful video by the University about interviews in general and how to approach them!


Official College Websites