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What is this site?

Cambridge applications can be stressful.

The Cambridge application can be intimidating. There’s a lot of information about Cambridge online. Some of it’s pretty good and some of its pretty terrible. And until you’re here it’s not easy to tell which is which.

We know. We've been there.

A variety of students have written application introductions to their subject. On each subject page we have linked to all the resources current students recommend you use for preperation.

And we’ll tell you the stuff we wished we knew.

Students have also written about the more personal side to their  interview experiences. Hopefully this should give you a flavour of the interview style.

Current Students - Get Involved

Why we started this?

Most of us Cambridge students found the application process intense. The number of rumours surrounding the interview process doesn't help either.

Many of us turned to online forums for 'real student thoughts' but it's difficult to filter what's true on there.

Applicant prospectuses are great but often they offer sanitised opinions. This project is our chance to pass on reliable, 'word of mouth' advice to applicants now.

Give back

Contribute your Experience 🔗 - If you're a current Cambridge student, pass forward your success and your interview experiences.

Get in Touch - Feel free to say hi to us on Facebook or contact us here: Akil ([email protected]), Tommy ([email protected]).

Watch this space - Next term, there will be more ways to get involved. We have some ideas and events up our sleeves.