This is a non-profit, student-led project to make university applications more accessible for everyone. InsideUni was publicly launched in September 2018 for Cambridge and is in the process of expanding to other universities.

Why was this project started?

InsideUni was started to close the information gap between university applicants from different backgrounds. Some students get a lot of support when applying to university, others less so.

The thing is, there's lots of great free support and advice out there. InsideUni hopes to crowdsource this knowledge and put it in one place. That way everyone can get help.

Who runs this project?

InsideUni is run by a team of eight Oxford and Cambridge students. Yet the heart of this project is the student contributors. Across Oxford and Cambridge 1,700 students have contributed interview advice and 40 students have helped with content editing for the site.

Akil Hashmi and Tommy Gale co-founded the project in January 2018. In Cambridge, Finn Manders and Ruth Moss are leading the project. In Oxford, Peter Wallich is leading the team with close support from Tom Flatters, Helena Rodgers, Julia Duddy and Ben Hack.

Particular thanks should be given to Ashley Woodvine and Rachel Johnston, who were sigificantly involved with the project in its first year. Thanks also to the work of Lily-Rose Sharry and Shadab Ahmed at CUSU, and Areeg Emarah and Esme Cavendish who helped launch the project in its early phases.


You can either reach out to the team through [email protected] or Facebook.

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