COVID Related Resources

Resources to help with university applications during and after the coronavirus pandemic.


The current COVID-19 situation has caused a lot of disruption to different student's applications. We know there's a lot of uncertainty at the moment so we're bringing together different resources to point you to relevant university resources and COVID-19 specific iniatives.

Cambridge COVID-19: advice for offer holders and prospective students 🔗 🌟 - This page will contain the latest information from Cambridge about how they are responding to COVID-19 and how this affects applicants.

Oxford COVID-19: advice and updates 🔗 🌟 - This page contains the latest from Oxford about their plans to respond to COVID-19 and how it affects offer holders.

Mentoring and tutoring

Coronavirus Tutoring Initiative (UK) 🔗 🌟 - This is a free initiative to make sure that no one loses out on education due to school closures. The scheme partners up school students with university students who can offer free tutoring. The scheme is supported by Project Access, an education non-profit we work closely with.

CovEducation (USA) 🔗 - CovEd is another student led initiative to support K-12 students who are struggling with classes during the pandemic. They also have a great resources section for a variety of ages to help you self-study.

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