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A diverse, flexible course which focuses on the interdisciplinary nature of social and natural sciences. Geography at Oxford looks closely at the interactions between people and their environment.

Course Resources

Here are some general resources related to Geography.


Overview 🔗 This is the official Oxford University webpage for the undergraduate Geography course, including entry requirements, subject requirements, course structure and information on the application process.

Course Structure 🔗 🌟 This is a detailed introduction produced by the School of Geography which outlines the modules taken in first year and options for personalisation of study in 2nd and 3rd year. You can take a look at the key themes which the Geography course seeks to cover, and potentially address these in your personal statement.

Alternative Prospectus 🔗 This is an unofficial prospectus put together by the Oxford Student Union; it’s written based on students’ perspectives and gives a better sense of what the day-to-day experience as a Geography student is like, compared to official materials.

More things to explore

Interview with the Head of Oxford School of Geography and the Environment 🔗 🌟 An Oxford Geography student recently live-streamed this interview with Professor Gillian Rose, a professor of Human Geography at Oxford. This in-depth interview covers the course structure, opportunities for specialisation, teaching methods and interview format.

Student Perspectives 🔗 The School of Geography has created this video to provide some testimonials from students on the course.

Day in the Life video 🔗 🌟 This short vlog-style video was produced by a first-year student to demonstrate a “Day in the Life” of studying Geography (albeit in lockdown!).

Student Q&A video 🔗 This student produced a Q&A style video for their college, exploring the application process and what it’s like to study Geography.


'Landscapes and Geomorphology: A Very Short Introduction' by Goudie and Viles - A particularly useful introduction to Geomorphology, a core part of the first-year course, which provides excellent subject material and examples which you can address in your personal statement.

'Orientalism' by Edward Saïd - A useful introduction to the concept of ‘Orientalism’ which underlies much of the content in first-year modules ‘Human Geography’ and ‘Geographical Controversies’.

Podcasts and Videos

Oxford Podcasts 🔗 🌟 Each faculty at the University produces departments covering current research. The podcasts here are at least 5 years old and the science may be outdated compared to the most recent data, but they would provide useful subject material to address in your personal statement, especially if you went away to find the newest data and explore its significance.

Professor Danny Dorling lecture 🔗 Danny Dorling is a Professor of Geography at Oxford. Here, he uses mapping to explore the changing social geography of the world. This is a useful introduction to how we use data in geography, which lies at the core of the course at Oxford.

Professor Myles Allen: Planetary Warming lecture 🔗 🌟 A professor of Geosystem Science in the School of Geography at Oxford, Myles Allen explores the science of climate change, explains the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports on climate change, and provides some good insights into the nature of science.

Example Lecture on Citizenship 🔗 🌟 The Oxford School of Geography released this example lecture on Citizenship for their 2020 open days; it will give you a good insight into how lectures are structured and delivered, but also a core insight into the geographies of citizenship, and what it means to belong to a nation-state.

Application Resources

Entry requirements 🔗 Some official admissions information including entry requirements for the course.

Suggested Reading List 🔗 🌟 These are the reading lists for the papers that first-years take. Don’t be intimidated by how long they are; they’re intended to be worked through over the course of a full academic year, and honestly no one reads everything anyway.

FAQ 🔗 🌟 Some useful answers to common questions about the application process.

Geography Admissions Test (GAT) 🔗 All applicants have been required to sit the Geography Admissions Test (GAT). This page describes the format of the test and provides practice materials.

Interview YouTube video 🔗 🌟 A useful video about navigating the Oxford Geography interview.

InsideUni Geography interview experiences 🔗 🌟 Current students talk about their interview experience, as well as sharing some tips. We’re biased, but we think they’re useful!