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A very broad course, with options from pure mathematics (e.g. topology, set theory, analysis) and applied mathematics & statistics (e.g. fluids, quantum theory, financial mathematics).
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Course Resources

Here are some general resources related to Mathematics.


Overview 🔗 🌟
A good overview of the course with an outline of its structure, entry requirements, and more.

Prospectus 🔗
Links to the prospectus, which provides more information about course structure (for joint courses also), admissions, careers and mathematical clubs/societies in Oxford.

Alternative Prospectus page 🔗 🌟
A colourful overview written by students on the Mathematics course (there are similar pages at https://apply.oxfordsu.org/courses/ 🔗 including joint mathematics courses).

Course Materials 🔗
Includes the lecture notes and the problem sheets that Oxford Maths students do on their course for all 4 years. Look here for a full list of options offered in 2nd year and beyond (may only be offered at the time of application).


'Applying to Oxford for Maths?' 🔗
In this short video, a mathematician at Oxford shares her experiences, why she applied for Maths, and how she went about applying.

Official Oxford Mathematics Institute YouTube channel 🔗
Includes recordings of actual Oxford Mathematics Lectures, both in Pure and Applied Mathematics, public lectures, and some more information about the courses.

Image credit: Gonville and Caius by Akil Hashmi