Scholarships and Financial Aid

This is a page about financial support at Oxford. Living and studying in Oxford can be expensive, but there is plenty of support available to alleviate the cost for those who need it.


Crankstart Scholarship πŸ”— 🌟 The Crankstart Scholarship is available to any UK resident student with a household income of Β£32,500 or less. The scholarship offers an annual bursary of up to Β£5,920, and also access to internship bursaries of Β£3200. As a Crankstart Scholar, you can receive plenty of career support, and are asked to complete 25 hours of volunteering work.

β€œThe grant has 100% alleviated any financial worries within the term. I can now pay for random costs which come up in term, and it means my university experience is a good one. It matches everyone else’s, and you never feel left out based on your financial situation. The Crankstart Scholarship definitely evens out the playing field.” - Peter, French and German

Oxford Scholarships and Bursaries πŸ”— At the bottom of this Fees and Funding page from the University, you can find information on several scholarships which can be applied for.


Oxford Bursary πŸ”— 🌟 Oxford also offers bursary support to students from lower-income households. Although you may not be eligible for the Crankstart Scholarship you may be able to receive a non-repayable bursary.

β€œI receive Β£1000 of Oxford bursary every year as I come from a lower income household. I get three equal instalments, one each term. It’s been invaluable to help support me as my parents can’t really provide extra money after student finance. It has helped contribute to my study materials, costs for formals and society events, and has meant I’ve had a better quality of life while studying.” - Ellie, Geography

Travel Supplement: All Crankstart Scholars and those receiving the Oxford Bursary are entitled to a non-repayable Travel Supplement. The amount of this bursary depends on how far you live from Oxford, ranging from Β£200-Β£500.

Support from Colleges πŸ”— 🌟 Each individual college will offer specific financial support systems:

Balliol πŸ”— | Brasenose πŸ”— | Christ Church πŸ”— | Corpus Christi πŸ”— | Exeter πŸ”— | Green Templeton πŸ”— | Harris Manchester πŸ”— | Hertford πŸ”— | Jesus πŸ”— | Keble πŸ”— | Kellogg πŸ”— | Lady Margaret Hall πŸ”— | Linacre πŸ”— | Lincoln πŸ”— | Magdalen πŸ”— | Mansfield πŸ”— | Merton πŸ”— | New πŸ”— | Nuffield πŸ”— | Oriel πŸ”— | Pembroke πŸ”— | Queen's πŸ”— | Regent’s Park πŸ”— | Somerville πŸ”— | St Anne’s πŸ”— | St Anthony’s πŸ”— |St Catherine’s πŸ”— | St Cross πŸ”— | St Edmund Hall πŸ”— | St Hilda’s πŸ”— | St Hugh’s πŸ”— | St John’s πŸ”— | St Peter’s πŸ”— | Trinity πŸ”— | University πŸ”— | Wadham πŸ”— | Wolfson πŸ”— | Worcester πŸ”—

Colleges may also provide support for students not in receipt of hardship funding. For example, some colleges may be able to create a payment plan for students who may not be able to pay all of their rent upfront at the start of term.

β€œOne term I was struggling to pay my rent as my parents couldn’t provide the extra money I needed aside from student finance. The Bursar at my college was really understanding of my financial situation and extended the deadline for my rent payment until the end of term.” - St Edmund Hall

Other University Funds

Oxford Assistance Fund (OAF) πŸ”— 🌟 This is for all students (regardless of their fee status) experiencing financial difficulties due to unforeseen circumstances, with a maximum award of Β£8,000.

Support for Care Leavers and Estranged Students πŸ”— On this webpage there is a lot of information about different support funds and networks for Care Leavers and for students who are estranged from their families.

External Funding

External Scholarships πŸ”— 🌟 Here you can find information about the external organisations which offer scholarships to students.

Alternative Jobs

Unfortunately during your time in Oxford, you wouldn’t be able to work a part-time job during term-time. However, people usually work outside of term time. Some examples are:

Some students become research assistants for a short period of time at their department, usually over vacations, supporting PhD students.

If people are living in private accommodation you may find a job over the long vacation at a local store or coffee shop. There are also lots of private summer schools that run in Oxford and Cambridge over the summer vacation period, which recruit every year for students to work at them.

Some College and Society Balls allow students to work at them and offer a variety of jobs. You may be able to work half the night and then have a discounted ticket for entry for the rest of the night, or might be paid directly for working the whole night.

Resources about student finance

There are plenty of handy guides to help breakdown and simplify the process of applying to student finance!

Brightside Student Finance Guide πŸ”—
UCAS Finance and Support πŸ”—

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