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Linguistics is the scientific study of language. We study how language works, the evolution of languages and the learning process for both first and second language acquisition.
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Application Resources

Here are some general resources related to Linguistics. These should be a useful introduction, regardless of which Linguistics-related course you’re interested in and where you might want to study it.

BBC Radio 4’s β€˜Word of Mouth’ podcast πŸ”— This podcast is an accessible way to hear about some mainstream ideas in linguistics.

Cambridge Linguistics Preliminary Reading List πŸ”— 🌟 A great place to start for what to read.

Free syntax textbook πŸ”— Linguistics undergraduates love this resource as much as Brits love tea.

Glottopedia πŸ”— A free online encyclopedia full of linguistics fun.

History of English Podcast πŸ”— A podcast doing what it says on the tin - gives a good overview of the history of the English language.

Lingthusiasm πŸ”— A classic introduction to loads of linguistics topics. Will help you develop β€˜lingthusiasm.’

Miracles Of Human Language πŸ”— An online course giving you insight into studying linguistics. One of the larger commitments on this list but definitely worth it.

The Ling Space πŸ”— A YouTuber with an impressive number of views (as far as linguistics is concerned anyway).

TrevTutor πŸ”— Useful introduction guides to many topics within linguistics.

Image credit: Gonville and Caius by Akil Hashmi