Modern Languages

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Language courses give you the opportunity to explore the history, art, literature and culture of different countries, which will enable you to communicate clearly and become more globally-minded.

Application Resources

Here are some general resources related to Modern Languages. These should be a useful introduction, regardless of which Modern Languages related course you’re interested in and where you might want to study it.

General resources

Grammar and Vocabulary books πŸ”— This is the website of the official seller of useful vocabulary books in a variety of languages. Cheaper second-hand versions can be found online, or even pdf versions.

The New Penguin Parallel Texts Series πŸ”— 🌟 These are collections of short stories by literary authors (meaning they are written at a challenging language level) with side-by-side English translations. They could be particularly useful for beginning a new language as a way of building vocabulary and fluency quickly. Anything you read could also come in useful when it comes to writing your personal statement - take notes and think critically while you read to get the most value out of the time you spend reading.

Reverso, an online translator πŸ”— Really useful for translating idiomatic phrases. While developing your language skills, think about whether you enjoy the process of language learning, or the cultural or literature side of the degree (or both!) - and follow your nose with what interests you. Again this might come in useful as you write your personal statement, and more generally in preparing you for your time as a language student at university.

Quizlet πŸ”— 🌟 A great way to test your vocab. Vocab is key to language learning! Use Quizlet to build up your knowledge: useful as you come to prepare for exams, and parts of application (if applicable) such as admissions tests and interview.

Memrise πŸ”— 🌟 Memrise is a useful website for learning vocabulary and phrases.

Links to language specific guides

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