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Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary Medicine ('Vet Med') is a challenging but fulfilling vocational course, which is perfect for people who are passionate about science as well as working with animals.
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Application Resources

Here are some general resources related to Veterinary Medicine. These should be a useful introduction, regardless of which Veterinary Medicine-related course you’re interested in and where you might want to study it.

Just so you know - you can study veterinary medicine directly at Cambridge but not Oxford (Oxford does have some related science courses though).

VetMed Link Conference πŸ”— A really interesting event which provides a useful introduction to studying Veterinary Medicine.

Vetcam πŸ”— This is a residential programme and open days at the Cambridge Vet School. It is a useful opportunity to see the vet school, learn more about the course, and get valuable experience to write about on your personal statement.

Bristol VetQuest πŸ”— A one-day event which provides a great opportunity to see the clinical Langford campus at Bristol and explore life as a vet student there. It is aimed at Year 11 and Year 12 students.

Image credit: Gonville and Caius by Akil Hashmi