Applying from Africa

Video series: International Undergraduate Q&As


How can African students apply to Oxbridge?


Current Oxford and Cambridge students answer your questions about their experience applying from African countries!

Our panellists:

🇩🇪 Khaleed (Nigeria, Law, Oxford)
🇭🇺 Shantel (Zimbabwe, Law, Oxford)
🇷🇴 Areeg (Kenya, Engineering, Cambridge)
🇩🇰 Maro (Nigeria, HSPS, Cambridge)
🇮🇹 Yasin (Sudan, Maths, Cambridge)
🇳🇱 Tabitha (Nigeria, Economics, Cambridge)

00:00:12 - Introduction
00:00:23 - Introduction to InsideUni
00:00:37 - Introduction to event

00:01:20 - Introduction to panel members

00:02:37 - Introduction to Section 1: What made the panellists decide to apply to Oxbridge
00:07:37 - Introduction to Section 2: Pre-submitted and Live Questions
00:08:17 - What are the most notable cultural differences between home and Oxbridge, and were they hard to adapt to?
00:11:54 - Did you have an interview? If so, was it in your home country?
00:15:39 - How difficult did you find the application process, including the interviews and writing a personal statement?
00:23:10 - What was your interview experience like?
00:26:19 - How did you deal with stress during your interview?
00:29:20 - Does Cambridge offer scholarships for African undergraduate students?
00:32:29 - What are the considerations to take when selecting a college?
00:39:43 - Did you apply for any other UK universities?
00:42:23 - Are you members of any cultural societies?
00:43:57 - How did you choose your subject, and at any point did you consider a different subject?
00:46:23 - Did any of you deal with imposter syndrome or feeling isolated?
00:49:12 - What has been your best university experience so far?

00:51:33 - Introduction to Section 3: One piece of advice to prospective applicants
00:53:34 – Conclusion/thanks/closing