Care Leavers + Estranged Students

Video series: Live Q&As with students


Current Oxbridge students answer your questions about applying to uni as an estranged or care-experienced student.


We chatted with care-experienced and estranged students about their experiences applying to university.

Sophia (Music, Oxford)
Charley (Modern Languages, Cambridge)
Bry (Law, Oxford)
Chloe (Earth Sciences, Oxford)


00:00:01 - Introduction

00:00:07 - Introduction to the event
00:01:13 - Introduction to InsideUni
00:01:55- Introduction to panel members (Introduction of Class Act in Oxford and Cambridge: ; )

00:03:02 - Introduction to Section 1: Day in the Life

00:03:35 –Day in the life of a Earth Science student (Chloe, Oxford)
00:05:06 - Day in the life of a Language student (Charley, Cambridge)
00:06:29 - Day in the life of a Law student (Bry, Oxford)
00:07:49 - Day in the life of a Music student (Sophia, Oxford)

00:09:07 - Introduction to Section 2: Questions

00:10:15 – Who will support me if I want to apply to university and I’m in care?
00:13:52 - Should I tell people I’m estranged/ care experienced?
(UCAS advice: )
00:16:34 - Will Oxford/ Cambridge provide 365 accommodation?
00:18:37 - What is it like to be in Oxford or Cambridge during the holidays?
(Class Act at both Oxford and Cambridge for support during holidays:
00:23:11 - What funding is available for care leavers and estranged students at Oxford and Cambridge?
(Crankstart Bursary )
00:28:12 – Do Oxbridge offer foundation years?
(LMH Foundation year at Oxford: )
00:30:14 - What mental health support is available for care experienced and estranged students?
(Oxford Counselling: Oxford DSA: )
00:32:31 - What problems do care leavers and estranged students face at Oxbridge?
00:38:26 - What career and physical support is there for care experienced and estranged students?
- Upreach:
- Crankstart:
- Lloyds Scholarship
00:48:38 - How can my college keep me safe?
(Nightline ;
00:52:16 Can I apply with extenuating circumstances?

00:54:36 - Introduction to Section 3: One useful resource we used when we applied

00:55:27- Sophia - Propel ( ; my youtube channel care leaver Sophia ( @sophiahallsax on insta and twitter
00:56:21 - Charley - College Insta accounts
00:57:01 - Bry - Pathways to Law, The Sutton Trust ( ; My Insta @dotheycare_
00:58:12 -Chloe - UNIQ Summer School ( ) ; also happy for anyone to dm me

00:59:14 - Conclusion