General life at Oxbridge

Video series: Live Q&As with students


In this Q&A we launch our series and discuss general life and applications to Oxbridge.


In this session we introduce our video Q&A series and cover a broad range of questions about apply to and studying at Oxbridge. ⭐ Cambridge panellists Natalie Thompson - 1st year, History @ Fitzwilliam College Akil Hashmi - 4th year, Engineering @ Robinson College Tami Briggs - 1st year, Human, Social, and Political Sciences @ Fitzwilliam College ⭐ Oxford panellists Helena Rodgers - Master's (and recent Oxford undergraduate), English @ St. Cross College Charlotte Rougier - 4th year, Maths @ Keble College Peter Wallich - 2nd year, Philosophy, Politics and Economics @ St. Hilda's College 00:00:00 - Introduction 00:00:29 - Introduction to event 00:01:33 - Introduction to InsideUni 00:02:07 - Introduction to panel members 00:03:07 - Introduction to Section 1: Day in the Life 00:03:15 - Day in the life of a Maths student (Oxford) 00:04:30 - Day in the life of a History student (Cambridge) 00:05:38 - Day in the life of a Human, Social Political Science student (Cambridge) 00:07:14 - Introduction to Section 2: Questions submitted in advance 00:07:30 - Do people get in having reapplied if they didn’t get in the first time around? 00:09:42 - Do we like the teaching methods and are they up-to-date? 00:13:10 - As an international student, what is a detailed breakdown of the process from first contact with the university to getting in? 00:16:34 - How important are colleges and which one is best? 00:18:37 - How does the college pooling system work? 00:21:10 - What is the social life like? 00:24:20 - Introduction to Section 3: Questions submitted during the live Q&A 00:25:02 - Are Economics lessons integrated into Engineering studies? 00:26:55 - What book would you recommend to read beyond the HSPS recommended reading list? 00:28:38 - Would you recommend applying to Nuffield College? How do I decide which college to apply to? 00:30:30 - Are there any major differences in PPE teaching between different colleges? 00:31:41 - Any tips for the personal statement (including for subjects you haven’t studied before university)? 00:37:31 - Are practice interviews a good way to prepare? 00:40:48 - Is the emphasis on academic subjects true for Master’s applications/personal statements as well as undergraduate applications? 00:42:18 - What kind of maths questions come up in the Economics interview? 00:45:40 - Introduction to Section 4: One useful resource we used when we applied 00:45:52 - Akil (Engineering, Cambridge): I Want to Study Engineering website ( 00:46:00 - Charlotte (Maths, Oxford): Oxford Maths Department Website ( 00:46:29 - Natalie (History, Cambridge): Cambridge History Virtual Classroom ( 00:46:48 - Peter (PPE, Oxford): ‘Thinking Strategically’ by Avinash Dixit and Barry Nalebuff ( 00:47:44 - Tami (HSPS, Cambridge): ‘The Racial Contract’ by Charles W. Wills ( and ‘The Wretched of the Earth’ by Frantz Fanon ( 00:48:36 - Helena (English, Oxford): Carol Rumen’s ‘Poem of the Week’ column in The Guardian newspaper ( 00:49:12 - Introduction to the rest of the Q&A series 00:50:24 - Ending, thanks to Project Access ( and how to stay involved