Life as a Welsh Student

Video series: Live Q&As with students


Does the application process differ for Welsh students?


Current Oxbridge students answer your questions about their experience applying as Welsh students!

Emma (Linguistics, Cambridge)
Jack (Law, Cambridge)
Mary (Biochemistry, Oxford)
Abbie (Earth Sciences, Oxford)
Shadab (Natural Sciences, Cambridge)
Caredig (Chemical Engineering, Cambridge)

00:00:01 - Introduction
00:00:04 - Introduction to event
00:02:18 - Introduction to InsideUni
00:03:23 - Introduction to panel members

00:05:20 - Introduction to Section 1: Day in the Life
00:05:34 – Day in the life of a Law student at Cambridge
00:06:49 – Day in the life of a Biochemistry student at Oxford
00:08:04 - Day in the life of a Chemical Engineering student at Cambridge

00:09:11 - Introduction to Section 2: Pre-submitted and Live Questions
00:10:53 – What is the Oxbridge application process like?
00:16:27 - Is it worth applying to Medicine as a state school applicant to either Oxford or Cambridge from a Welsh Medium school? (
00:18:18 - Is learning to use English technical language instead of Welsh a difficulty that you encounter?
00:19:25 - Can you prepare independently if your school isn’t supporting much? (
00:21:34 - What is studying Law at Cambridge like?
00:24:03 - Are there any job opportunities at Oxford and Cambridge as you study?
00:27:07 - Is there lots of finance available?
00:30:28 - What are colleges like?
00:33:13 - How can you write a competitive personal statement? (
00:37:06 - Is there a good Welsh community in Oxford and Cambridge? (
00:40:02 - What is it like to study a subject you can’t do at A Level?
00:43:51 - What is the nightlife like at Oxford and Cambridge?
00:48:43 - What is the difference between the science courses at Oxford and Cambridge?
00:51:36 - Were you asked about the Welsh Bacc in your admissions interviews?

00:53:54 - Introduction to Section 3: One useful resource we used when we applied
00:54:13- Emma (Linguistics, Cambridge): My HE+ (
00:54:26- Shadab (Natural Sciences, Cambridge): EDX (, Coursera (
00:54:43 - Jack (Law, Cambridge): Seren Network (, WelshSoc (, JCR Instagram pages (
00:55:44 - Mary (Biochemistry, Oxford): ‘Oxford from the Inside’(, Oxford UNIQ (
00:56:21 - Abbie (Earth Sciences, Oxford): That Oxford Girl (, That University Student (, Sisters at Oxford (, Sutton Trust summer schools (
00:57:09 - Caredig (Chemical Engineering, Cambridge): (, Isaac Physics (, CambTweet (
00:58:15 – Conclusion/thanks/closing