Experiences of First Generation Students

Video series: Live Q&As with students


What is it like being the first person in your family to attend university?


Our panellists share their experiences of being a 'first-generation' student. Some of the discussion includes how to prepare for interview if your school can't offer you much support, finances and uni life, and overcoming 'imposter syndrome'.


Abi (Archaeology + Ancient History, Oxford)
Charley (French + Spanish, Cambridge)
Alex (Natural Sciences, Cambridge)
Tom (Modern and Medieval Languages, Cambridge)
Chloe (Medicine, Oxford)
Fran (Classics, Oxford)

00:00:01 - Introduction
00:00:04 - Introduction to event
00:00:32 - Introduction to InsideUni
00:02:30 - Introduction to panel members

00:04:55 - Introduction to Section 1: Day in the Life
00:04:59 – Day in the life of a Modern and Medieval Languages student at Cambridge
00:06:49 – Day in the life of a Classics student at Oxford
00:08:04 - Day in the life of a Medicine student at Oxford

00:13:29 - Introduction to Section 2: Pre-submitted and Live Questions
00:13:38 – What are the most useful A Level subjects for a Modern Languages degree?
00:16:34 - How can you prepare for the BMAT?
00:17:22 - Does being a first-generation student affect your application?
00:18:43 - How easy is it to meet people and make friends from a similar background?
00:20:29 - What financial support is available at Oxford and Cambridge?
00:25:31 - Is it difficult for international students to apply for Medicine?
00:27:07 - Is it common to feel imposter syndrome, and how do you overcome this?
00:30:59 - How significant are college stereotypes?
00:32:51 - How difficult is it to study a subject you’ve never studied before?
00:36:11 - What can you do if your school isn't very helpful towards preparing for the interview?
00:42:45 - Is it affordable to study and live in Oxford and Cambridge?
00:47:11 - What is the support for disabled students like?
00:49:39 - How can you get work experience for Medicine?

00:50:21 - Introduction to Section 3: Favourite thing about the universities

00:52:16 - Introduction to Section 4: One recommended resource for applicants
Tom: university websites
Abi: That Oxford Girl
Charley: Spotify languages podcasts; college-run Instagram accounts
Chloe: Medic Portal, Medify
Alex: alternative prospectuses, Cambtweet
Fran: college websites

00:55:17 – Conclusion/thanks/closing