Life as a Science Student

Video series: Live Q&As with students


Interested in Oxbridge for Sciences but don't know where to start?


In this session we cover a range of questions, from how our panellists prepared for interviews, the medicine application, and the difference in courses between Oxford and Cambridge. Find the answers questions and more by watching above!


Ore (Medicine, Oxford)
Leo (Computer Science, Oxford)
Toby (Physics, Oxford)
Sen (Medicine + Engineering, Cambridge)
Muhammed (Natural Sciences, Cambridge)
Anusha (Maths, Cambridge)


00:00:09 - Introduction to event

00:01:58 - Introduction to panel members

00:03:11 - Section 1: Day in the life

00:03:18 - Anusha (Maths, Cambridge)
00:04:11 - Ore (Medicine, Oxford)
00:05:09 - Toby (Physics, Oxford)

00:07:31 - Section 2: Answers to questions (both pre-submitted and live)

00:07:38 - If you’re an international applicant, will questions be tailored to me for my interview and will they acknowledge that I know less subject-specific terms in English?
00:09:34 - Do you have to study on weekends?
00:11:25 - What does Natural Sciences mean at Cambridge and how does it differ from the Oxford science courses?
00:14:08 - What is the best way to prepare for the interview process?
00:19:00 - Do GCSE grades matter?
00:23:30 - How much and how did you prepare for the BMAT?
00:27:38 - What’s the best way to choose between Oxford and Cambridge for medicine?
00:31:22 - Does the college you go to affect the course?
00:34:15 - How many A*s do you need for the Oxford med school?
00:35:55 - How did you prepare for the Engineering Admissions Assessment (ENGAA)?
00:36:28 - How did you prepare for the Physics Aptitude Test (PAT)?
00:37:30 - How did you prepare for the Mathematics Admissions Test (MAT)?
00:38:59 - How did you prepare for the Sixth Term Examination Paper (STEP)?
00:40:34 - How do you show passion for a subject, particularly medicine?
00:43:05 - What are the best books you have read on maths, computer science or other similar subjects?
00:46:10 - Do you have any reading recommendations for Engineering?
00:49:04 - Do you have any reading recommendations for Natural Sciences?
00:50:22 - What programming languages are most useful to know?

00:52:44 - Summary of event so far

00:54:24 - Section 3: The best free resource you used when you applied

00:54:37 - Sen (Medicine and Engineering, Cambridge) - Books in the local library (find your local library here:
00:54:52 - Ore (Medicine, Oxford) - UNIQ Summer School (
00:54:02 - Toby (Physics, Oxford) - MadAsMaths website (
00:55:24 - Muhammed (Natural Sciences, Cambridge) - Isaac Physics website (
00:55:41 - Anusha (Maths, Cambridge) - Cambridge STEP Support Programme ( and a free online book called ‘Advanced Problems in Mathematics: Preparing for University’ by Stephen Siklos (
00:56:00 - Leo (Computer Science, Oxford) - Oxford University sample Computer Science interview problems (