'Should I Apply to the Cambridge Foundation Year?'

Video series: Live Q&As with students


A Q&A on the Cambridge Foundation Year.


A panel discussion and Q&A with Foundation Year staff and InsideUni student representatives.

This event is aimed at prospective applicants to the Cambridge Foundation Year and is part of an online series of live Q&As run by InsideUni, a non-profit student-led project. The panel is in partnership with the Cambridge Foundation Year - visit their website (https://www.foundationyear.cam.ac.uk/) for more information.

00:00:01 - Introduction
00:02:25 - Introduction to InsideUni
00:15:02 - Introduction to panel members
00:02:17 - Introduction to event format

00:02:34 - Presentation from Foundation Year team

00:13:34 - Introduction to questions for students
00:14:24 - Why did you choose Cambridge?
00:17:01 - What would be your advice for Cambridge applicants?
00:19:56 - Do you think Foundation Year students would feel welcome in your college?
00:22:36 - What does your week look like studying at Cambridge?
00:25:12 - What is your favourite thing about Cambridge?

00:27:52 - Introduction to audience questions
00:28:15 - Are students advantaged if they have more than 120 UCAS points?
00:29:55 - What else are you looking for in Foundation Year applicants?
00:32:12 - Are Foundation Year students guaranteed to progress onto their chosen undergraduate course?
00:33:07 - Do you have any advice for completing the FY SAQ?
00:36:12 - What is the social life at Cambridge like?
00:41:11 - What do the admissions tests entail and how can applicants prepare for them?
00:42:24 - Will the interview questions be tailored towards a particular subject interest?
00:43:09 - Do Foundation Year interview questions differ from standard Cambridge interview questions?
00:43:54 - Do you have any advice for interviewees?
00:47:30 - Should applicants be reading around their subject interests in preparation for the interview?
00:49:33 - Will the interviewers be subject specialists on the candidates preferred subject?
00:50:34 - What languages are available on the ‘working with languages’ stream?
00:51:41 - Will Foundation Year students remain at the same college if they progress onto the undergraduate degree?
00:52:37 - What is your favourite place to work in Cambridge?

00:55:42 - Conclusion / thanks