Sports at Oxbridge

Video series: Live Q&As with students


It's not all about work!


Current Oxford and Cambridge students answer your questions about their experience playing sports at university!

Rosie (Cambridge, Athletics)
Alice (Oxford, Athletics)
Fran (Oxford, Netball)
Ted (Cambridge, college sports)
Yusuf (Oxford, Powerlifting)
Leona (Cambridge, Rowing)
Jed (Cambridge, Football)

00:00:01 - Introduction
00:00:04 - Introduction to event
00:00:21- Introduction to panel members

00:05:52 - Introduction to Section 1: Pre-submitted questions
00:05:56 – Freshers’ week – joining your sport

00:07:53 - Introduction to Section 2: Academics
00:07:56 – How much time do you dedicate to sports during the week?
00:09:53 – How do you balance sports with lectures and other academic work?
00:11:25 –Do you have away games during term time? If so how do you handle not being at uni for a certain amount of time?
00:12:29 –Do you ever struggle with work because of the time you spend playing sports?

00:13:11 - Introduction to Section 3: Fitness
00:13:17 –How do you compare university sports to playing sports in sixth form/ secondary school?
00:14:54 –For people who are working on their fitness, do you think that sports societies are judgemental places?
00:17:05 –I played netball for my sixth form, how willing would the Oxford Netball team be to accept me on the team?
00:18:26 –Do you have to be super athletic to play sports at university?

00:20:19 - Introduction to Section 4: Socialising
00:20:28 –Are sports societies a good place to meet people?
00:22:36 –What sports do you recommend us to try when we start university?
00:24:28 –What social events do you have for sports teams?
00:25:29 – Introduction to Section 5: Facilities and finance
00:25:36 –What is it like rowing? Do you have to row as it is renowned in Cambridge?
00:26:56 - What are the university gym facilities like? Do you have to pay?
00:28:48 - Is there financial support for sports?

00:32:30 – Introduction to Section 4: Best experience
00:32:38 - What has been your best experience playing sport for your team?

00:36:43 – Conclusion/thanks/closing