Societies at Oxford

Yoshinori Maejima
Created: 4 months, 3 weeks ago
Last modified: 4 months, 3 weeks ago

Oxford’s impressive academic credentials are well-known across the world. However, this small also provides an endless opportunity to further your interests or cultivate new interests without having to leave Oxford.


It can be particularly daunting to come to Oxford when you do not know anyone who comes from a similar background to you - whether that is a certain region, culture, or ethnicity. Joining such societies, whether the Singaporean society or the Northern society, can help you feel less homesick, and find people who come from similar backgrounds and therefore understand your needs and concerns better.


Many people are likely to have a sport they enjoyed back home, continuing to play sports after coming to Oxford can help you feel more at home and meet people who share the same interests with you. Oxford boasts an endless range of sports societies to join, from wall climbing to fencing, with a well-equipped sports facility complex in the town.

You can join sports societies based on skill and commitment. You can try out for university-wide teams and compete with other universities, join the college-based sports teams, or simply join a society for recreation or training. The level of commitment expected depends on whether you join a team or a society. Members of societies can show up when they feel like exercising, whereas members of university teams are expected to take part in regular training.

Arts and Music

There are also countless opportunities to explore your artistic and creative side. Colleges usually have an arts and crafts-related society that allows you to paint and create things without leaving your college. Even with no previous experience with art, it is beginner-friendly and allows you to relax, even if art is not something you are particularly passionate about. There are various orchestras you could join, although some require a certain level of skill to join.


There are also subject-based societies, such as the geography society, history society, or the PPE society. These societies, contrary to their names, are open to all students regardless of subject. They hold talks and debates related to their subjects, and help you meet others who are studying the same course as you in different years and colleges. Furthermore, it can help you explore other subjects that you have an interest in but do not take as your degree subject.


Finally, some societies allow you to jumpstart your career while meeting people with similar ambitions. There are various student-led consulting societies, finance societies, advertising societies, and media societies. These societies offer talks by experts in the profession, workshops, and networking with major firms. It is possible to be just a society member and attend events or to take on greater responsibility and join the committee which usually organizes these events. Joining these societies can also be beneficial for networking and looks good on your resume.