Interview Insights: Cambridge

A database of first-hand student interview testimonials. You can also read our Oxford interviews instead.

Sidney Sussex College (2017)

The first interview began with discussing the unseen text and moved ont…

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Fitzwilliam College (2017)

The ‘general’ interview was just as Law focused as the ‘Law’ interview.…

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Natural Sciences (Biological)
Selwyn College (2015)

The first, personal and chemical interview covered a bit about my <issu…

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Human, Social and Political Science
Robinson College (2017)

The text based interview was subject focused, led by two sociology prof…

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Modern and Medieval Languages
Sidney Sussex College (2017)

In my written interview, I was given an article (in English) about pan-…

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Girton College (2014)

Both my interviews only contained extended maths and physics questions:…

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