Interview Insights: Oxford

Here's our database of first-hand student interview experiences. You can also watch students talk about other aspects of university in our student videos.


St Catherine's (2012)

My first interview was about an essay I’d submitted on Benjamin Disraeli’s foreign policy, and the …

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St John's (2017)

Each interview started with a fairly simple maths question, which was then developed into harder qu…

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English Language and Literature

Oriel (2014)

My first interview was half a discussion on an unknown poem, which I had a bit of time to read and …

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Jesus (2017)

There was a main tutor and a postgrad student in there. Questions tended to be on niche topics but …

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Philosophy, Politics and Economics

St Peter's (2017)

In the politics and philosophy interview (we only found out it was both when we entered the room), …

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Wadham (2018)

My first interview, at Wadham College, started with a question about something I mentioned on my pe…

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* Despite interviews being online this year, the experiences and advice from previous years will still be relevant.