Religion and Oriental Studies

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Studying Religion and Oriental Studies at Oxford allows you to study the major world religions and their primary languages.

Course Resources

Here are some general resources related to Religion and Oriental Studies.


Overview πŸ”— 🌟 A good overview of the course with an outline of its structure, entry requirements, and more.

Faculty of Oriental Studies course guide πŸ”— Information about the course from the Faculty of Oriental Studies, including a link to the Undergraduate 2019-20 Handbook which contains further information about undergraduate degrees at the Faculty of Oriental Studies.

Course brochure πŸ”— Provides a term and papers breakdown for all three undergraduate theology and religion-related degrees

More things to explore

Undergraduate course handbooks πŸ”— Gives information about the course along with the facilities and services available to students.

Course structure information πŸ”— Find more information about compulsory and optional modules.

FAQ πŸ”— 🌟 Includes a link to FAQs from previous applicants, information and opportunities for individuals, and much more.

Application Resources

Candidates who intend to specialise in Hebrew/Judaism or Arabic/Islam must take the Oriental Languages Aptitude Test (OLAT) πŸ”— 🌟, information about which can be found here.

InsideUni Religion and Oriental Studies interview experiences πŸ”— 🌟 Current students talk about their interview experience, as well as sharing some tips. We’re biased, but we think they’re useful!