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Geography is a diverse subject covering both human and physical aspects, giving you the opportunity to understand concepts which affect everyday life.
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Application Resources

Here are some general resources related to Geography. These should be a useful introduction, regardless of which Geography-related course you’re interested in and where you might want to study it.

The Geographical πŸ”— 🌟 This is your ultimate research tool! The magazine contains lots of different articles covering the entire spectrum of Geography.

British Library Online Resources πŸ”— 🌟 A seemingly infinite amount of online resources for you to learn from.

National Geographic πŸ”— A magazine useful for graphs, figures and photographic representation of what is going on in the world.

British Geological Survey πŸ”— A world-leading geoscience centre for survey and monitoring, modelling, research and data.

Geography Now YouTube channel πŸ”— An easy and accessible way to learn about the world through videos!

Geographical Association πŸ”— A great collection of articles, events and volunteering opportunities.

Image credit: Gonville and Caius by Akil Hashmi