Interview Insights: Cambridge

A database of first-hand student interview testimonials. You can also read our Oxford interviews instead.

Natural Sciences (Physical)
St John's College (2017)

I had a test upon arrival. It had more abstract physics questions than I h…

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Emmanuel College (2017)

The first interview was source based. The source had been sent to us in ad…

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Queens' College (2018)

We did some exercises and I proceeded to solve them with the interviewers …

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Natural Sciences (Physical)
Christ's College (2015)

One of my interviews was a 'maths' interview, and the other was physics an…

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Psychological and Behavioural Sciences
Jesus College (2017)

My first interview involved a lot of discussion about my personal statemen…

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Magdalene College (2018)

In both my interviews there were 2 interviewers, with one asking me questi…

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