Interview Insights: Cambridge

Here's our database of first-hand student interview experiences. You can also watch students talk about other aspects of university in our student videos.


Christ's (2016)

First interview was about finding out about me - what music I liked / disliked, what music I like t…

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Modern and Medieval Languages

Newnham (2015)

I can’t really remember the questions. I came out of my Spanish (post A-level) interview in a cold …

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Emmanuel (2016)

The source was based on using primary sources to construct a spacial history of a large city.The se…

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King's (2014)

On the whole, the interviewers were welcoming and did the best they could in order to make me feel …

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Natural Sciences (Physical)

Sidney Sussex (2017)

Some mention of my personal statement and then lots of academics questions drawn from that and A le…

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Natural Sciences (Biological)

Robinson (2016)

Felt very welcome, staff were friendly and smiley. Was asked about DNA, enzymes (when in doubt - an…

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