Interview Insights: Cambridge

Here's our database of first-hand student interview experiences. You can also watch students talk about other aspects of university in our student videos.

Theology, Religion, and Philosophy of Religion

King's (2016)

I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoyed both of my interviews. In the first one I felt comfortable …

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Classics (4 years)

Churchill (2016)

The first interview included a test of my Latin reading ability (reading a passage without preparat…

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Emmanuel (2016)

First was 30 minutes long, it was on reading that we’d been given a couple of weeks earlier. They p…

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Emmanuel (2015)

At the first interview we went through various aspects of my personal statement and discussed issue…

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Modern and Medieval Languages

Sidney Sussex (2016)

The focus in both seemed to be on my motivation for choosing the particular languages, and discussi…

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Human, Social and Political Science

King's (2016)