Interview Insights: Cambridge

Here's our database of first-hand student interview experiences. You can also watch students talk about other aspects of university in our student videos.

Natural Sciences (Physical)

Sidney Sussex (2017)

In my tutorial interview I was asked some general questions about my extracurricular activities as …

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King's (2017)

We discussed books I had read that were mentioned in my reference, current affairs in medicine, gen…

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Sidney Sussex (2018)

In the first interview I was given five minutes to look over a poem, which we then discussed. I was…

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Jesus (2017)

In the first interview, I was asked one basic mechanics question I could do, then a question on phy…

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Modern and Medieval Languages

Girton (2017)

In the first interview, they gave me some material in French and ten minutes to read it. Then they …

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Natural Sciences (Physical)

Jesus (2018)

The first interview focused mainly on a few physics problems that I was asked to work through. From…

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* Despite interviews being online this year, the experiences and advice from previous years will still be relevant.